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Viper 4 School Sign Up

To keep your operators up to date or train new operators, we are offering a service school on the VIPER 4 system. The training will be led by Raven. We will be using Viper 4 consoles during the class, so you will need to bring your console with you. To make using the Viper console easier, you might want to bring the mount so it stands up on the table. Some of the topics that we will be covering are:

  • VIPER 4 system setup
  • Starting a job and importing a VRA file
  • Working with road maps
  • Boundary and feature marking
  • File Management
  • Upgrades such as Autoboom and Accuboom
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Raven Slingshot overview

Class will be on March 4, 2020 and begin promptly at 8:45 AM. We will be limited class size this year, so be sure to reserve your space.

Class will be held at the Johnston Lion's Club located at 6501 Merle Hay Rd., in Johnston. The cost for this training will be $75 per person including lunch, as well as a USB drive with the information we go over and a service manual. Each person who attends will receive a certificate worth $75 off a VIPER 4 upgrade, such as AutoBoom, AccuBoom, SlingShot, another VIPER 4 system or a SmarTrax steering system. Only one certificate will be honored for each piece of eligible equipment.

Please check the current version of software on your Viper 4. If your console does not have the current version, bring it along and you will have the chance to update them during class. The current version of VIPER 4 software is

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 800-747-8300. 

Space is limited, so please register before February 21, 2020 by calling Sarah Jane at 800-747-8300 or registering below.