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Agriculture equipment encompasses a wide variety of products, electronics and their individual parts. For efficient planting, fertilizing, harvesting and more, you need ag products that are built to last. As your local farm equipment supplier, Davis Equipment provides access to the best brands and the most reliable products for fertilizer application. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of equipment or a small replacement part, we’ll help you find the best options.

Davis EquipmentAg Equipment for Fertilizer Application, Storage and More

The right fertilizer can increase crop yields by a significant margin, but it’s only as reliable as the equipment you trust for storage and distribution. Davis Equipment invests in long-lasting partnerships with top brands to make sure you have access to the best possible options.

Davis Equipment only works with top-quality products for agriculture equipment such as:

  • Bulk Tanks: Our bulk tanks are built to hold bulk fertilizers, soil fumigants, herbicides, and even water while providing long-term performance and maximum resistance against corrosion and chemical attack.
  • Conditioners: Our Doyle conditioners are made in the USA and include free standing, vertical and weigh hopper configurations.
  • Dust Control: Fertilizer and grain dust control involves implementing measures to minimize the dispersal of airborne particles, enhancing air quality, and reducing health risks associated with dust exposure.
  • Fertilizer Applicators: We carry trusted Case IH fertilizer applicators designed to efficiently distribute fertilizers onto crops, promoting optimal growth and yield by providing essential nutrients to the soil.
  • NH3 Tanks: A ammonia storage tanks (also known as NH3 tanks), store pressurized ammonia gas for safe utilization.
  • NH3 toolbars: Case IH delivers reliable products for NH3 toolbars and liquid fertilizer application. With precise injection, your crops will receive vital nutrients during their most important stages of growth.
  • NH3 Wagons: Specialized transport vehicles designed for the safe and efficient transportation of anhydrous ammonia.
  • Nurse Trailers: Our Dalton Ag nurse trailers transport and dispense liquid fertilizers or chemicals to field sprayers, providing a convenient and efficient method for refilling equipment during crop application.
  • Receiving: Agricultural conveyors and elevators for receiving efficiently handle the transfer of harvested crops from trucks or wagons into storage facilities, ensuring smooth and rapid processing during busy harvest seasons.
  • Spreaders: For dry fertilizers, we offer quality Doyle products. Our broadcast spreaders will ensure your fertilizer or lime is distributed properly in all directions.
  • Tenders: These versatile trailers are designed to transport and dispense bulk materials such as seed, fertilizer, or grain directly into planting or spreading equipment, facilitating efficient field operations in farming.
  • Unloading and Storage: Prompt unloading from harvesting equipment such as combines or pickers minimizes potential spoilage and maintains product integrity by preventing overexposure to weather conditions.
  • Pumps: A fertilizer pump must provide consistent pressure for an even distribution of liquid fertilizers. Our selected products will offer years of dependable service.
  • Blenders: Our line of blenders excel in rapid, reliable, and high-quality blending of agricultural bulk materials.

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New and Replacement Ag Parts for Fertilizer Equipment

Browse our large collection of new and replacement ag parts. Whether you prefer dry fertilizer or wet, your equipment should be kept in the best possible condition. If you’re unsure about the specific part you need, our dedicated customer service staff will be happy to assist you. Extended hours are available for in-season parts, and we even provide 24-hour emergency support.

We focus on fertilizer equipment parts so that every member of our staff can provide you with expert recommendations and other useful info. For details on our available couplers, bearings, valves, safety equipment and the rest of our parts catalog, get in touch with a Davis expert today.

Innovative Ag Electronics from Brands You Trust

Efficient agriculture equipment is more reliant on technology and electronics than ever. The right system can streamline complex tasks or gather useful data, making ag electronics some of the most important tools you’ll work with. We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations in order to continue providing the best possible service. Davis Equipment offers a wide range of agriculture electronics from top distributor brands including:

  • Raven Precision Ag
  • Kestrel
  • Capstan Ag Systems
  • Hiniker
  • Smucker Manufacturing
  • Doyle
  • and more!

Available electronics are compatible with our fertilizer equipment, optimizing the application of both dry and wet fertilizers. For help exploring the possibilities of our electronics, contact our staff. We’ll do whatever we can to help you increase yields, simplify tasks and everything in between.