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NH3 Couplings

Locking Collar. Continental NH3 Products is very proud to introduce the revolutionary locking collar for acme fittings. When engaged, it’s locks onto the hex portion of the acme adaptor to prevent the acme coupling from loosening due to twisting or vibration. Currently available for 1” & 1-1/4” pipe threaded couplings with 1-3/4” acme fittings it easily locks to most standard acme fittings and can be installed into any 1” & 1-1/4” valve. 2-1/4” acme will be available in soon. The spring loaded lock collar keeps the collar in place when in use and easily retracts when you need to remove it. It doesn’t take but one time for an acme coupling to come lose in the field to see how beneficial the locking collar can be. You can virtually eliminate the concern of the coupling loosing or even completely unscrewing from the nurse tank. Once you try it we think you will love it.

Continental NH3 Coupling Chart