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Pull Away Riser Safety Shear

The NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) pull-away riser safety shear, or A-RSS, protects your riser from accidental pull-aways by incorporating a shear device that breaks when someone accidentally drives away while the filler hoses are still attached to the anhydrous ammonia tank. The two back checks are positioned so that when a pull away occurs it stops the ammonia from spraying out of the riser and the tank. This is the same PROVEN shear technology we built in to the P.A.S.S system in 1991. Not one failure has ever been reported since its introduction.

Retrofits on to most existing risers
No accidental disconnections
Can be mounted UPSIDE DOWN
Includes SOLID STEEL mounting hardware for shear unit
nh3 (anhydrous ammonia) rss kit

Rugged stainless teel and nylon check valves
Five year unconditional warranty
Available in 1" and 1-1/4"
Buy 2 same size units get 1 replacement shear FREE
Kit includes all the above accept the additional shear

Continental Pull Away Riser Chart