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Toolbar Manifolds

6006-6007 series manifolds were designed for the budget-conscious farmer in mind. They are simple in their design but, keep in mind, the distribution on thse manifolds are not near as good as the MVD series.

Continental 6006 Chart

MVD is great budget line even distribution system that going to get you with in 8-10 percent accuracy. Its the biggest bang for your buck. Other manifold systems are twice as much for the same results. The most important changes to the MVD has been the option to have it either custom made to the exact number of outlets you require or you can plug off what you dont need. Just chose the manifod size you need, large or small, and your good to go. Keep in mind for better distribution accuracy please see the A-360 series above.

Manifold Size Formula:

Tool bar width in feet X Speed X lbs. N per acre X .1212 = Total lbs N per hour.

Taking your Total lbs N per hour and dividing it by your number of outlets will get you pounds of N per outlet. Then use the chart below to determine which manifold you need.

Continental MVD Chart