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A-360 Manifolds and Splitters

Continental NH3 Products is proud introduce our all new even distribution manifold system, the A-360. The A-360 manifold system is a complete turnkey design that includes splitters and manifolds made to your exact application needs. With accuracies as close as1-3 percent to your target rate you can rest easy.

Our patented step down injector technology mixes and accelerates the ammonia into an upper chamber, the tee, and the lower manifold chamber. These key features mix the vapor and liquid so each outlet gets an equal amount of both to get an even distribution of the ammonia.

Each manifold is custom built to your needs, no plugging necessary. If you need the best in ammonia distribution look no further. Try our new A-360 manifold system, you won’t be disappointed.


As close as 1 to 3 percent of target rate
Includes stainless steel hose barbs on manifolds
Manifold outlets available from 2-12 for large grain and 2-16 on small grain
Splitters outlets available from 3-10 outlets
Includes mounting hardware
Can be mounted upside down
Pressure gauge port included on both manifolds and splitters