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Grain Dust Control System


Call us today to learn how Peterson Dust Solutions can help with dust suppression in your grain facilities. The benefits are listed below.


    • Safety

      The dust reduction will significantly decrease the possibility of an explosion from grain dust. It will also reduce dust inhalation.


    • Reduced Shrinkage

      Oiling will keep fine particles in the final weight, reducing shrinkage.


    • Cleanliness

      The reduction of dust will help keep buildings cleaner, allowing a better work environment and longer equipment life.


    • Grain Pile Hot Spots

      Distributes dust particles throughout the grain storage resulting in less hot spots in the grain pile.



“We purchased our first oil system from Randy when we put up a new fertilizer facility. All the incoming product got sprayed and In Return it cut down on a majority or the fertilizer dust floating throughout the plant. After speaking with Randy in a one on one conversation about applying the same concept to grain handling we then decided to try it on corn and beans. It not only cut down on the dust when loading the grain on trucks and trains it also cut down on the time spent washing equipment that was covered in dust. The small amount of oil applied to the grain makes the grain a bit sticky so to say and makes the fines stick to the grain in return the fines get spread throughout the bin and don’t all fall to the center. Anyone who handles grain knows exactly what I’m talking about!!!

After a couple years the bin walls get a light coating of oil on them as well and the build up slowly falls off. Your drag conveyor chains get a bit of oil and don’t constantly squeak anymore . Your boot pits are no longer full of dust creating a hazard.

The benefits go on and on and Randy is very knowledgeable of his product. I had a few issues with different things and he was quick to drop the ball and help me out. We now have 4 of his systems and plan to install one more.

It’s very simple and easy to use with many benefits. We highly recommend an oil system for any fertilizer and grain handling facility!!”

-Cory Hinders, Osage Coop