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AGCO Willmar Tender Rear Discharge

Willmar®'s truck or trailer-mounted 10 and 16-ton tenders are ideal for commercial fertilizer dealers, custom applicators and large farming operations. With two-large capacity hoppers that feed into one auger, these tenders can carry nearly any single, dry-material product and load an applicator or planter at up to two tons per minute.

  • 30º minimum hopper slope angle for the 1600 and 40º for the 10-ton model allow for fast material flow and cleanout
  • Standard 10-inch auger diameter by 19-feet long (21' option on the 1600)
  • Auger on/off controls and raise/lower controls are located on the left rear corner of the tender
Willmar® tenders are manufactured from 409 stainless steel and finished with a special epoxy primer and modified acrylic urethane paint for maximum corrosion resistance. The rear-discharging augers are also made of 409 steel and coated with the same corrosion resistant finish.