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Vertical Blenders

Three great options!

All of Doyle’s vertical blenders are made of #304 stainless steel, from the drums and support structure to the enclosed legs and tubular frame. We have a vertical blender for your every need ranging from our smaller 6, 8 & 10 ton blenders to our 13 & 16 ton Fatboys. Click here for a brochure of the three types of Vertical Blenders.

6 Ton Vertical

The Doyle 6 Ton Vertical Blender gives you big blender performance at a smaller price. If six ton batches are right for you, then this is the blender you need. The 6 ton blender comes with all the standard features above and uses a 30 HP TEFC motor.

8 Ton Vertical

The Doyle 8 Ton Vertical Blender is the still one of our most popular size blenders, even with the tenders being used today. The 8 ton blender offers the versatility you need at a price you can afford. The 8 ton blender has all the great features listed above, and uses a 40 HP TEFC motor.

10 Ton Vertical

The Doyle 10 Ton Vertical Blender increases your blend capacities for filling large capacity spreaders and tenders. The 10 ton blender makes quick work of your batch blending. The 10 ton blender comes with a 50 HP TEFC motor, and the features listed above.