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Dalton Ag Dry Fertilizer & NH3 Wagons

Located in the community of Lenox, Iowa, Dalton Ag understands the demand for increased production and efficient use of fertilizer required by sustainable farming operations. They offer a full lineup of fertilizer application equipment, periodically adding new models to its product line to continue helping our customers with production and application challenges such as reducing maintenance, increasing speeds and application on rough terrain.

Dalton Ag Offers Sustainable Farming and Efficient Fertilizer Spreading

Overapplication of fertilizer can be harmful to the plants and soil, making a steady flow of nutrients vital to a healthy field. Dalton Ag and their line of adjustable dry fertilizer spreaders and trailers come loaded with features designed to provide more control over the amount of fertilizer you’re spreading. From row crops to home gardens, Davis Equipment is more than happy to help you welcome a Dalton Ag product into your home.

Mobility 600 Row Crop Adjustable Dry Fertilizer Spreader

The Mobility 600 spreader from Dalton Ag suits the experienced farmer and the passionate gardener alike. With a 5,000-pound swivel jack and 2-speed conveyor drive system, you can fine-tune your application rates to your precise needs. The Mobility 600 Dry Fertilizer Spreader is also built for convenience, with a retractable roll tarp and hydraulic on/off switch for the conveyor. 

Mobility 800 Row Crop Adjustable Dry Fertilizer Spreader

The Mobility 800 Row Crop Dry Fertilizer Spreader can accommodate any row width up to 80 inches, discharging up to 20 gallons of dry fertilizer a minute. This kind of efficiency is perfect for small-scale farmers or anyone who wants the most benefit out of their fertilizer investment. With the Mobility 800 Spreader, you can enjoy years of reliable performance without constant spending on maintenance.

Mobility 1000 Row Crop Adjustable Spreader

For true precision farming, you can’t do much better than Dalton Ag’s Mobility 1000 Row Crop Adjustable Dry Fertilizer Spreader. This VRT-ready spreader also comes with twin PTO or tractor hydraulic spinners that can suit spread patterns of 40, 50 or even 60 feet. A dependable spreader like this can ensure even coverage, help improve yields and minimize crop damage.


Dalton C-Series Lime & Fertilizer Combo Spreaders

Making two trips to spread lime and fertilizer is slow and inefficient. Modern farmers deserve better, which is why Dalton offers their C-Series Combo Spreaders. Based on the cubic feet of material they can accommodate, the C220, C300 and C400 Spreaders get the job done fast without skimping on quality. The corrosion-resistant hopper will last for years in even the toughest field conditions. Whether you want to spread lime, fertilizer or both at the same time, Dalton Ag has you covered.

Dalton Double Cone Tank Nurse Trailer

Moving large loads of liquid can be a tedious, awkward process. You can simplify things by a significant margin with help from one of Dalton Ag’s Double Cone Nurse Trailers. With a 5,000-gallon capacity split between two 2,500 poly tanks, you can take advantage of easy, consistent drainage. The Nurse Trailer also includes a hydraulic jack to make moving the trailer itself around much easier. If your operation frequently handles lots of liquids, this trailer is perfect.


Dalton Single Tank Nurse Trailer

The MC1300 Single Tank Nurse Trailer from Dalton Ag comes with an Ace 1300-gallon cone bottom tank supported on sturdy Firestone tires. As you move liquids around your field or property, these tires come in handy for providing a smooth ride even on rolling terrain. This trailer can also be fitted with a 2” cast iron 5.5 HP pump for even higher productivity.