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Case IH NPX 2800 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

Farmers want to grow the best crops possible, but there are a lot of challenges that can make it difficult. One of these is the need for fertilizer application. Farmers often don't have enough time or manpower to apply all they need while also tending their fields and harvesting their crops. But if you're looking for a way to solve this problem, the Case IH NPX 2800 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is the answer.

This applicator can apply up to 1,300 gallons of fertilizer at a time, and it has a working width of up to 37 feet 6 inches, so you can cover a lot of ground quickly. It also has an active hydraulic system that maintains downforce to keep the colters at the desired operating depth, and it has pin-adjust gauge wheels that allow for quick and easy wing depth adjustment.

Plus, the NPX 2800 is designed with added durability in mind. It has a 4-inch by 8-inch frame and hitch tubing, as well as two ranks of 4-inch by 6-inch tubing with diagonal bracing, to add strength and durability to the toolbar. And the 1,300-gallon tank rests on a solid-formed steel sheet to distribute stress loads more evenly.


Sidedressing is a method of fertilizer application in which the fertilizer is injected between crop rows after emergence. This allows the fertilizer to be applied directly to the plants, where it is most needed. Sidedressing can provide important nutrients lost to runoff during wet springs, and can also supply additional nutrients needed in bumper crops. Additionally, side-dressing eliminates nitrogen tie-up in the residue and surface soil, where it does your plants no good, and reduces runoff and water contamination.

In a study conducted by the University of Illinois, agronomists compared the effects of different forms of nitrogen application on corn yield. When UAN was injected into the root zone, there was a 35% gain in yield and more than a 150% increase in return on investment when compared to broadcast UAN (Univ. of Illinois Studies, 1995-1998).

The Case IH NPX 2800 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is the perfect tool for side-dressing fertilizer. The NPX 2800 is a high-capacity applicator that can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. With a working width of up to 90 feet, the NPX 2800 can sidedress an entire field in a single pass. The applicator is also equipped with auto-steer capabilities, so you can be sure that your fertilizer is being applied exactly where it needs to be.

Either a liquid coulter knife or injector can be used with the NPX2800 toolbar:

  • Case IH knife – the cast chromium carbide 1/4-in. knife assures all liquid fertilizer is applied at knife depths (minimum 10 psi is recommended).
  • Case IH injector – the low-maintenance liquid injector directs a high-pressure stream of liquid fertilizer into the coulter slot. 40 to 100 psi is recommended for precise application.

Choose the tank capacity that best fits your operation—500, 800 or 1,300 gallons.
500 or 850 gallons:

  • Number of coulters: 7, 9, or 11 at 30-in. spacing
  • Working width: 17 ft. 6 in. to 27 ft. 6 in. (5.3 to 8.4 m)
  • Wheel spacing: Adjustable 62, 72, 76 and 80 in. (157, 183, 193 and 203 cm) or fixed 120 in. (305 cm)

1,300 gallons:

  • Number of coulters: 11, 13 or 15 at 30-in. spacing
  • Working width: 27 ft. 6 in. to 37 ft. 6 in. (8.4 to 11.4 m)
  • Wheel spacing: Adjustable 120, 144 and 156 in. (305, 366 and 396 cm)

The NPX 2800 coulter bar and ground drive systems are mounted in front of the tank to provide excellent visibility. All models are designed to maintain constant tongue weight whether the tank is loaded or empty, and the pressure gauge is easily visible from the tractor seat. When making end-row turns, the parallel linkage system raises and lowers the coulter bar while the tank remains stationary. The coulter assembly stays perpendicular when the bar is raised so no individual coulter depth adjustment is needed. The wings fold over center during transport to another field. Visibility during transport in also excellent since the tank is mounted lengthwise.

The active hydraulic system maintains down force to keep coulters at the desired operating depth across the full width of the applicator—a key advantage over competitive models. The system provides 1,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure on the wing-fold cylinders to force coulters into the soil, and pressure reducing/relieving valve maintains the down pressure while allowing the wings to follow the contours.

So if you're looking for a reliable and cost-effective liquid fertilizer applicator, be sure to check out the Case IH NPX 2800. Call Davis Equipment today to order yours!