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Case IH Nutri-Tiller 950 Fertilizer Toolbar

Pull-type toolbar

Toolbar Offerings
The Nutri-Tiller 950 provides industry-leading strip-till productivity and is also equipped with optional NH3 fertilizer capability. The Nutri-Tiller 950 can function as a dry fertilizer toolbar for granulars, or as a liquid fertilizer toolbar or be used to apply NH3. This versatility ensures the grower has maximum flexibility in the event of supply chain disruption. The Nutri-Tiller 950 comes in 20-foot, 30-foot, 40-foot, or 60-foot working widths, following the rest of the 900 –series commercial-grade family of Case IH application equipment. 

The Nutri-Tiller 950 fertilizer toolbar has a heavy-duty welded frame design for more uptime, faster ground speeds, and maximum reliability and durability.  Welded cross-members between the forward and rear tube add strength and durability.  Three rows of thick tubing that run the entire toolbar’s width support the toolbar’s strong ground-engaging components at field speeds up to seven mph.

The beefed-up front hitch adds strength to support the mainframe and rear hitch when pulling at the faster in-field ground speeds seen in today’s Ag world.  A strong deluxe rear hitch with a straight through design for effortless hook-up has poly skid plates for reduced friction and operator fatigue.  The rear hitch also swings and can be extended to more easily facilitate hitching to a tank. A clevis hitch complements the tough frame for trouble-free hook-up.  This more universal hitch assembly accommodates all sizes and types of tractors.

Accurate Application
The Nutri-Tiller’s coulters deftly chop through residue.  The knife and sealing discs for product application enable the toolbars to handle a wide range of soil conditions. The coulter effectively creates a path for the shank, which forms a fertilizer trench without building up residue. The coulter sports an extra-strong assembly, providing reliable down-pressure and penetration in hard soils and heavy crop residues. Slipping coulter shafts are a thing of the past with the all-new recessed positions for the coulter lock bolts.

New to the 950 is the redesigned High Clearance Shanks (HCS). Originally introduced on the Nutri-Placer 940 in 2010, the HCS shank is designed for soils with rocks and other obstructions, but it also works well in rock-free soil.  

Two opposing sealing discs seal the furrows created by the coulter and shank. The discs can be positioned in either concave or reverse convex positions, if desired. Solid discs are recommended for conventionally tilled fields, while notched discs are recommended for consistent closing in fields with heavy residue.

Easy and Efficient Transport
The Nutri-Tiller 950 fertilizer toolbar boasts a durable frame, while also allowing enough flex to simply fold up over the center main frame for narrow transport. Models less than 40 feet are single fold, while models over 40 feet are double fold.

Reinforced wing pivots with non-greasable poly bushings make folding simple.  The poly bushings extend the unit’s life and significantly reduce service needs. On larger models, a flow-divider allows the wings to fold at the same time, resulting in less frame stress and more productivity.  This means more time spent in the working position and less time in transport.

Fertilizer Placement - Place Fertilizer Where it Works

  • Consistent fertilizer placement depth is achieved – no matter the residue level and terrain — thanks to a holding force of 1,150 lbs. (522 kg) with the High Clearance Shanks (HCS)™
  • Place dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer consistently in the root zone with the Nutri-Tiller 5310 strip-till

Berm Building
Customize the Berm You Want

  • Consistent berm height and shape occurs, thanks to the uniquely positioned blades of the Berm Build’r™ attachment that retains soil off the knife
  • Ideal down force that minimizes mixing of residue into the berm or grooves along the side of the berm is achieved with large 18-in. (46-cm) blades
  • Berm stays in position even when shanks trip due to pivoting at the toolbar mount
  • Optional Berm Condition’r basket sizes clods to reduce berm holes and improve seed-to-soil contact
  • Optional Case IH row cleaner for extra row cleanup — 90% reduction Optional row markers with cut-out blades to help index rows for planting

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