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Case IH 940 Nutri-Placer Fertilizer Application Toolbar

Pull-type toolbar

Unmatched Size and Durability
Available in widths of 65-foot, 60-foot or 50-foot frame size, the Case IH Nutri-Placer 940 heavy-duty welded frame design delivers large-acre productivity, even in the toughest field conditions. Heavy frame tubing runs the length of the frame, giving it more strength while also making it possible to stagger additional coulters and row units for better residue flow. Welded support members between the forward and rear tubes add strength and stability throughout, resulting in increased uptime, faster ground speed capabilities and maximum reliability.

Beyond the frame, the Nutri-Placer 940 wheel system is also designed with rugged durability in mind. The 60-foot model is supported by a total of 12 wheels, while the 65-foot model is supported by 14 wheels - which allow the unit to float through the field. Both models include four large flotation-carrying wheels on a walking tandem that suppoort the main frame in both field and transport positions.

Complimenting its heavy-duty frame and large wheels, the Nutri-Placer 940 features a Class V Perfect Hitch for easy, worry-free hook-ups. The hitch is built to match the capacity of the largest four-wheel-drive, high-horsepower tractors on the market. It has a narrow profile or "T-Bone" design in order to permit a tight turning raduis for track or wheeled tractors.

From the "T-Bone" front hitch, the center frame members and rear hitch are bundled in a straight-through design, which means that the pulling points - whether its front hitch to tractor or rear hitch to tank - are designed to align with each other, which results in less lateral stress and overall loading of the entire middle frame.

The rear hitch has a tow-capacity of 25,000 pounds, with heavy duty tubing and nylon skid plates for long life under lateral movement. It's also equipped for single or double product hook-ups. It features a thicker bar with larger and heavier hitch casting compared to competitive models

The ability of the Case IH Nutri-Placer 940 to maneuver through tough conditions is aided by its High Clearance Shank option, which is designed for soils with rocks and other obstructions, but also works well in rock-free soil. The shank allows for adjustable holding pressure, maintaining depth with either 850 or 1,250 pounds of trip force. The Nutri-Placer 940 comes standard with 30-inch centers, but can be ordered in 15-inch centers. The 30-inch centers can accommodate 24 shanks with coulters on the 60-foot model and 26 shanks with coulters on the 65-foot model. The optional 15-inch centers can accommodate 47 shanks without coulters on the 60-foot model and 51 shanks without coulters on the 65-foot model.

Unmatched Adjustability and Productivity
The Nutri-Placer 940 features a five-section field flex and seven-section fold frame design for superior ground contouring and easy folding and unfolding. While operating in the field, the five-section field flex position frame weight is evenly distributed across the width of the machine. The 65-foot model gives 23 percent more operating width than the largest version of previous designs, allowing it to cover more acreage.

When folded for transport, the Nutri-Placer 940 is 13 feet, 9 inches tall and 18 feet, 9 inches wide. The compact fold design is ideal for transport on narrow roads and field paths, as it's just slightly wider than a four-wheel-drive tractor with duals. The Nutri-Placer 940 maintains high under-frame clearance and distance between coulters and knives for improved residue flow in high-yield environments.

Not only will you save time in the field with fewer plug-ups, you'll also spend less time prepping and maintaining the machine. Reinforced wing pivots with non-greasable poly bushings extend the life of the unit and significantly reduce service equipment. A handheld turnbuckle, which adjusts the depth settings on a single-point depth control, means that producers can leave the wrenches in the shop and spend more time in the field

Tested, Field-Proven Agronomics
The Nutri-Placer 940 has been tested in tens of thousands of acres of varying field conditions throughout North America. Case IH also conducts a detailed stress analysis that measures joints throughout the frame. Extension gussets reinforce the frame increasing the strength of the toolbar and providing years of productive toolbar life

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