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Case IH Nutri-Placer 5300 Fertilizer Application Toolbar

Used for both preplant and sidedress application.

The Case IH NTX5300 Strip-till toolbar system has a unique design that can meet your agronomic objectives while keeping soil conservation in mind. The final result is a better return on your fertilizer dollar.

Toolbar Style
Best in Strip-Till

  • No plugging or bunching due to large 24-in. (61-cm) coulters that cut heavy residue
  • Mounted models: 6- or 8-row, 15- or 20-ft. (4.6 or 6.1-m) width
  • Smooth residue flow through the toolbar is achieved with High Clearance Shanks (HCS)™

Fertilizer Placement
Place Fertilizer Where it Works

  • Consistent fertilizer placement depth is achieved – no matter the residue level and terrain — thanks to a holding force of 1,150 lbs. (522 kg) with the High Clearance Shanks (HCS)™
  • Place dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer consistently in the root zone with the Nutri-Tiller 5310 strip-till

Berm Building
Customize the Berm You Want

  • Consistent berm height and shape occurs, thanks to the uniquely positioned blades of the Berm Build’r™ attachment that retains soil off the knife
  • Ideal down force that minimizes mixing of residue into the berm or grooves along the side of the berm is achieved with large 18-in. (46-cm) blades
  • Berm stays in position even when shanks trip due to pivoting at the toolbar mount
  • Optional Berm Condition’r basket sizes clods to reduce berm holes and improve seed-to-soil contact
  • Optional Case IH row cleaner for extra row cleanup — 90% reduction Optional row markers with cut-out blades to help index rows for planting

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