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Double Conical Nurse Tank

Stainless Steel Tanks

Double Conical Nurse

Double conical tanks are equipped with the following fittings and assembly - 1-1/2" sight gauge fittings on each end; two sight gauge strips; double-reinforced baffles; 2" stainless steel sparger tube installed with dresser couplers; a 3" outlet; 2" vent; two lifting lugs; stainless steel pipe ladder; a 16" all-stainless manway with flip-top 10" fill. Skids are welded to the shell, the ends boxed with reinforcing bands between head and skid.

Optional Equipment

  • Mild Steel Skid
  • Stainless Steel Skid
  • Tank Baffle
  • 1.5"-2" stainless sparger pipe
  • 1/2 V Sump
  • 4" Outlet