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Agri-Cover Dry Fertilizer Spool Roll Tarp

Agri-Cover Dry Fertilizer Spool Roll Tarp

Keeping your load contained and secure is important, whether it be fertilizer or a harvested crop. This makes an effective roll tarp system indispensable to a farm or ag operation. These days you can choose between manual or electric roll tarp systems, and each offer their own advantages. Davis Equipment is proud to offer Agri-Cover Dry Fertilizer Spool Roll Tarp systems.


Agri-Cover Roll Tarp Systems Get the Job Done Right

A quality roll tarp system should be easy to operate, including application and removal. It should cover your trailer quickly and seamlessly to prevent your load from spilling out or blowing away in windy conditions. Davis partners with Agri-Cover because their roll tarp systems work with you, not against you. From innovative tension systems to simplified electric conversion kits, Agri-Cover provides reliable and easy-to-use roll tarp products for your fertilizer equipment.

Agri-Cover SRT-2 Roll Tarp

The SRT-2 Roll Tarp is a premium tarp system that can provide smooth, consistent performance in any kind of weather. The SRT-2 features heavy-duty, double-coated fabric that’s still fast and easy to install. You can also choose between a manual spool or electric spool system. The electric spool roll tarp system operates whisper-quiet at the touch of a button, providing dependable coverage for your load.

Agri-Cover AutoLock Electric Tarp

Some loads need an extra layer of protection to keep them covered and secure. Agri-Cover provides exactly that with the AutoLock Electric Tarp system. This tarp can cover heaped loads in the windiest conditions, supported by its high-strength drive line and 3” aluminum roll tube. It’s a worthwhile addition to your dry fertilizer equipment and can speed up loading and unloading fertilizer. 

Agri-Cover Roltec Electric Tarp Conversion Kit

If you have a manual Agri-Cover roll tarp system that you want to convert to motorized control, try the Roltec Electric Tarp Conversion Kit. You’ll receive all the hardware and instructions you need, and the finished conversion is backed by a 1-year warranty. This conversion kit is an easy way to simplify operating your tarp system.