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Flow-Max Top Auger Tenders

Truck and Trailer Mounted

The top auger tender offers a number of advantages for fertilizer handling and transportation!

Stainless-steel hopper construction, auger tubing and flighting combined with heavy-duty frame construction, with maximum bracing, struts and heavy-duty hydraulics set the standard quality.

Increased unloading height, as high as 20' off the ground.

A steep, 40-degree side slope on each of the compartment walls means fast, complete unloading, virtually eliminating material bridging. The durable 10-13-10 auger system is powered by direct drive hydraulic motors with no chains or sprockets. All hydraulic controls are located conveniently at the rear of the tender on the fender. The augers system makes quick work of delivering the materials to their destination.

The top auger unloading system which allows the operator to unload into multiple compartment fertilizer applicators by simply swinging the auger instead of moving the truck. The auger rotates a full 270 degrees.


  • Augers are 10" bottom, 13" vertical, 10" discharge
  • All augers have stainless steel tube and flighting
  • Maximum unloading height with standard height bodies is 20"-6"
  • Overall height with standard height bodies:
    • Truck mount with 40" truck frame height (body height 112") - overall height 12'-8"
    • Trailer mount with 40" trailer frame height (body height 113.5") - overall height 12'-9.5"
  • Delivery auger length - 15'
  • Hydraulic controls for all bodies are at the left rear
  • Unloading rate up to 3500 lbs. per minute
  • Available in 16-18-24 ton models with 2, 3 or 4 compartments