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Raven ISOBUS Product Control

Monitor and control your Raven system from a virtual terminal.

The Raven ISOBUS control system is designed to add liquid, NH3, granular or injection control or boom height control capabilities to ISOBUS virtual terminals. Adding the Raven ISOBUS product or boom control will allow a machine operator to monitor and control a Raven product control system directly from a virtual terminal (VT) display.

Raven ISO can currently control the following system:
     • Liquid systems
     • Granular systems with Spinner Control
     • AccuFlow NH3 systems including AccuFlow HP+
     • SideKick Pro injection
     • Raven AutoBoom boom height control system.

The currently supported VT’s are
     • John Deere 2630
     • Case IH Pro 700
     • New Holland IntelliView 4
     • Raven VT

More VT’s are being added, so please call us to see if Raven ISO will work for you.