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Hawkeye Nozzle Control System

Built on the ISOBUS communication platform.

For over thirty years, Raven has dominated the application control market. Our blockbuster new product ensures this legacy will continue. The Hawkeye Nozzle Control System is the newest innovation in Raven technology – and the next application control system for your sprayer.

Raven’s Hawkeye Nozzle Control System is ultra-precise. This pressure based product control system allows for precise sprayer application in a variety of conditions, reducing spray drift and getting the most out of every nozzle. Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsing valve giving you a consistent spray pattern as speed and conditions change.

The Hawkeye System is built on the ISOBUS communication platform which allows it to work with ISO Task Controllers, including the Viper® 4. Hawkeye has also been tested for shock, vibration, impact, and weather resistance in rugged terrain and extreme temperatures. Its durability is unparalleled.

Benefits to you include:

  • Reduced spray drift
  • Consistent spray pattern
  • Accurate droplet size and placement
  • Pressure-based nozzle control system
  • Extended range out of each nozzle
  • Blended pulse application
  • Individual nozzle shut-off with Hawkeye HD
  • Ability to program up to 16 virtual sections for shut-off