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Raven Slingshot Field Hub

With Slingshot, perfection is no longer just a goal.

The core of the Slingshot experience is the Slingshot Field Hub. A small device that fits neatly into the cab of your vehicle, the hub connects your precision ag hardware to Slingshot’s suite of services. It connects your operator, managers and Slingshot support to each other via the Internet and puts a complete web experience on your Raven field computer.

Slingshot Field Hub

Designed to work with major cellular networks in North America and around the world, the Slingshot Field Hub serves up high-speed Internet on your field computers. You can also connect devices like phones and tablet computers to Wi-Fi enabled versions of the Field Hub.

Slingshot RTK

The Slingshot Field Hub allows you to access Slingshot’s advanced RTK correction signals, or those provided by third-party providers, such as CORS networks. Slingshot’s cellular-based RTK enables you to operate without worrying about line of site limitations characteristic of radio-based RTK. You can provide RTK coverage for up to 1.8 million acres with a single Slingshot Base Station.

Slingshot GS

Slingshot GS is a new cellular-delivered correction service with decimeter accuracy, without the need for a local reference station. You can even leverage your existing Slingshot Field Hub and Raven GPS hardware to access Slingshot GS.

Slingshot Online

Store your job data from Raven field computers in your secure Slingshot database that you can access anytime, anywhere with a simple Web browser. Observe your fleet and manage operations with any laptop, desktop or mobile computer from anywhere in the world. With a free Slingshot account, you can:
     • Track equipment locations
     • Dispatch prescription maps
     • Monitor, collect, and analyze job data from Raven field computers

Slingshot Link

Slingshot Link is a ground-breaking set of new online support tools that simplify management of field-deployed precision ag hardware. Slingshot Link allows Raven Operating Software (ROS) updates to be downloaded wirelessly to compatible Viper 4 field computers.

Slingshot Remote Support

With Slingshot, you get real-time, in-field remote support. You don’t have to leave the cab — we’re able to see your screen, diagnose, fix or walk you through the issue.