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Simple Precision


Better technology is pointless if you can’t get the desired results in the field.

SharpShooter® has an easy to use controller driving a bullet-resistant PWM spray application system.

Applying with confidence is important. Simply select your application pressure, and let the technology handle the typical hassles that come with spraying.

For over 20 years our patented technology has proven itself in the field. Application technology with results, just as it should be.

Intentional Simplicity

Just select your target pressure. The system maintains it. Easy, right? The application you want - accuracy above the standard.

One Push Rate Control

Just press and increase or decrease your application pressure. Speed up / slow down and your pattern does not change. Instant on/off, higher average speeds, and the ability to operate in windy environments with more confidence.

Once you see SharpShooter® in action you won’t be able to apply any other way.