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Agricultural fertilizer electronics

The transport and application of fertilizer can be made simpler with the right technology. Davis Equipment has formed long-standing partnerships with top distributors to find the newest and most efficient agriculture electronics. We offer products that can optimize safety, data management, and the handling of both dry and wet fertilizers. If there’s a new innovation you can benefit from, you can count on Davis to find it.

We’re proud to carry electronics from the following distributors:

Raven Precision Ag: Enjoy a greater degree of control over your entire operation with our suite of Raven field computers and other systems. With accessible controls and internet connectivity, it’s easier to manage all your precision ag hardware.

Kestrel: Environmental monitoring equipment must provide fast and accurate updates on local weather. Kestrel equipment is designed according to U.S. military specifications, which means every meter is built to last. With this information, fertilizer application won’t be ruined by humidity or wind direction.

Capstan Ag Systems: Capstan offers premier solutions for fertilizer application. Patented blended pulse technology improves productivity with a range of easy-to-use pressure controls. Application pressure will automatically adjust to your speed, and will even work in windy conditions.

Hiniker Agricultural Equipment: There’s a lot of value in specialization. We specialize in fertilizer application the same way Hiniker specializes in technology for strip-till equipment and row crop cultivators. They offer exceptional application equipment for NH3 fertilizers, with in-line sensors for each outlet.

Smucker Manufacturing: Equipment cameras can have a sizeable effect on your safety and productivity. They provide an easy way to monitor every angle of your ag equipment, with industry-leading resolution capabilities. And because they’re made from durable materials, the cameras we offer will easily stand up to the demands of your operation.

Doyle Equipment Manufacturing: The global leader for top-quality fertilizer handling equipment. And because we specialize in fertilizer application, you can trust our recommendations when it comes to Doyle products. For example, their Safety Stick wireless camera system allows you the ability to peer inside your tender or spreader equipment without clambering all over them.

Every electronic solution we offer is backed by our comprehensive customer service. For more information or emergency support, give Davis Equipment a call today.