Wessex CRX-320 Tri-Deck Roller Mower
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Wessex CRX-320 Tri-Deck Roller Mower

  • Item #: CRX-320

Product Description

Transform your golf course and other sports turf with ease and maneuverability with this versatile piece of machinery.


The CRX-320 really is an exceptional mowing experience. With full-width rollers front and rear and 3.2m wide, it produces a precision cut and an outstanding stripe every time. Keeping the rollers as close as possible maximises ground-contour following, with excellent floating capabilities to closely hug the undulating courses of sports turf.

The renowned CRX swing tip Gold Cut blades give you a superb cut and make for easy maintenance, while the wide-angle PTO gives you tight-turn capabilities for increased manoeuvrability. All you need is a 35hp tractor and only one spool valve, which makes it economical to operate with the simplest machinery.


Simple too is the belt tension for quick and easy maintenance and the cutting height adjustment, between 10mm and 100mm, is equally straightforward. Minimal and easy-access grease points and shrouded PTO’s equate to long service intervals.

The CRX-320 golf and sports turf mowers are made road-going with an optional highway kit for road-legal towing, so you can easily move from place to place. And with a 3-year warranty, what more could you ask for? The testimony to that is in the build quality, with 5mm steel plate decks making this mower robust and durable, and the aforementioned features that make the CRX-320 the perfect choice for maintaining your golf course or sports turf. You could even say it purrs.


“The clippings dispersal of this machine is so good that we no longer need to use our sweeper collector on the fairways. We now have a spare man for other tasks, and we can use this as a rough-cut or fairway mower, which is fantastic.”

– Leckford golf course


  • FULL-WIDTH ROLLERS FRONT & REAR – Precision cut and full-width stripe on the turf
  • COMPACT ROLLER CONFIGURATION – Maximises ground contour following
  • EXCELLENT FLOATING CAPABILITIES – Hugs the undulations closely
  • CRX SWING TIP BLADES – Superb cut and easy maintenance
  • WIDE ANGLE PTO – Zero turn capabilities
  • REQUIRES ONLY 35HP TRACTOR – Economical to operate
  • REQUIRES ONLY ONE DOUBLE ACTING SPOOL VALVE – Complements the simplest tractor
  • TURF TYRES – Minimal turf compaction
  • OPTIONAL HIGHWAY KIT – Allows road-legal towing
  • FINAL BELT DECK DRIVE – For ultimate driveline shock protection
  • 5MM STEEL PLATE DECKS – Robust & durable
  • PROLIFT – Allows simple partial deck lift for crossing paths
  • BAFFLES AROUND BLADES – Even grass distribution


  • Cutting width 3.2m
  • Overall width 3.35m
  • Transport width 2.1m
  • Approx weight 1,360kg
  • Cutting height range 10-110mm
  • No. of cutting spindles 9
  • Power required 35hp+

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment

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