Progressive Turf Equipment SDR-65 Single Deck Finishing Roller Mower
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Progressive Turf Equipment SDR-65 Single Deck Finishing Roller Mower

  • Item #: SDR-65

Product Description


The Progressive SDR-65 is a three point hitch version of the popular tri-deck TDR-15 mower and it utilizes many of the same components. Not to be confused with other, light duty three point hitch mowers that are available, the SDR-65 has a 6” diameter rollers on both the front and rear across the full width of the deck. Ideal for smaller mowing jobs where a quality cut is mandatory, the SDR’s rollers allow you to cut as low as ½”, while simultaneously striping and rolling the mowing surface. To minimize service requirements, the SDR-65 is equipped with field proven maintenance free blade spindles. Progressive’s SDR-65 mower is another example of the ingenuity and quality that goes in to producing a durable, reliable rotary finishing mower that is easy to maintain. It shows once again why the SDR-65 is “The Better Built Choice”.


Easy Height Adjustment
Infinite cutting height adjustment from ½” to 4”.
Full Width Rollers
The rollers will stripe the turf, leaving a pleasing visual impact for the facilities patrons – a testament to the professionalism of the job.
High Blade Tip Speed
Progressive’s high tip speed provides a clean even cut at ground speeds up to 6 miles per hour for the high productivity users have come to appreciate from a Progressive mower.
Simpler Maintenance = Lower Cost
Maintenance Free Blade Spindles and sealed roller-end bearings are used to lower both the cost and time spent on routine maintenance.


Part Number: 531965 (North America) 531965C (Worldwide)
Recommended PTO H.P.: 25
Mowing Capacity (*Assumes no overlap or turning): 2 mph 1.25 acres per hour*
4 mph 2.5 acres per hour*
6 mph 3.75 acres per hour*
Cut Height Range: 1/2" tp 4"
Cutting Width: 65"
Transport Width: 72"
Weight: 975 lbs
Std. Equipment:
  • Heavy-duty construction, open rear discharge, easy cutting height adjustment.
  • Heavy duty 6” dia. rollers supported by 2 - 1.25” ductile flange HEX bearings
  • Maintenance free blade spindle assemblies for reduced maintenance.
  • High lift blades for superior cut. Tip speed 18,287 FPM
Opt. Equipment:
  • 522361 23” Low Lift Blade (three required)
  • 522360 23” High Lift Blade (three required)

Product Specs

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