Wessex Turf Beetle Core Sweeper Collector
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Wessex Turf Beetle Core Sweeper Collector

  • Item #: MTC-120-E

Product Description

Ideal for collecting core, autumn leaves, grass clippings and scarifying debris etc, the MTC-120-E TURF BEETLE is an effective sweeper that can be towed behind an ATV, utility vehicle, garden tractor or 4×4.

Designed for the maintenance of golf courses, private estates, parks and large gardens, the MTC-120-E TURF BEETLE sweeper collector is based on the DUNG BEETLE paddock cleaner but is fitted with a softer bristle to eliminate scratching of sensitive turf.


  • 5.5HP ENGINE – Easy to start and reliable
  • THROTTLE LEVER – Clips onto ATV rack for user convenience
  • CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH – Allows the brush rotor to be engaged/disengaged from the seat
  • WHEELS IN-LINE WITH BRUSH ROTOR – Follows ground contours accurately, giving a consistent clean sweep
  • SIMPLE SCREW HANDLE – Easy adjustment of brush height
  • FULLY CASTORING REAR WHEELS – Increased manoeuvrability
  • FLOATING DRAWBAR – Allows the machine to float over uneven ground with no weight on the ball hitch
  • ADJUSTABLE SPRING TINES – Rake through the grass to loosen stubborn horse muck
  • HAND OPERATED WINCH – For ease of emptying
  • SOFT BRISTLE – Gentle on the turf, stimulates regrowth and is perfect for mowing straight after
  • SWIVELLING BALL HITCH – Satisfies Health and Safety recommendations

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment

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