Capillary Flow Capillary Bunkers
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Capillary Flow Capillary Bunkers

  • Item #: Capillary Bunkers

Product Description

Increase the longevity of the bunker sand and ensure that it always looks clean and fresh with the Capillary Bunker Liner.  This liner, when used alonside their Wash Box allows for the bunker sand to be washed clean should there ever be any contamination from outside of the bunker (soil, dust, grass etc.).

Main Benefits:

  • Decreased Maintenence
  • Consistent Performance
  • Longer Lifespan of Bunker Sand
  • Quick and Easy Installation



Beautiful bunkers
Consistent performance
Soil contamination
Improved playability
Inconsistent moisture levels
Pristine bunker sand
Plugged ball lies
Maintained design integrity
The need to replace sand due to contamination
Extended sand life
Excessive maintenance



"When we started discussing our renovation options, I had several goals. The first was to solve design problems to make the bunkers less prone to washout and improve maintainability. My second goal was to ensure we sourced high-quality sand pure of impurities and performed well during rain and for play. Improved drainage was also a major component of our project. Finally, I was committed to using a premium bunker liner to improve performance during rain events and prevent contamination.

We selected Capillary Concrete to line our bunkers for several reasons. First, it comes as a homogenous mixture, making the product easier and more consistent to install than other options. Second, on the list is the value. Considering all the effort in a project of this scope, I didn't want to cut any corners. Capillary Concrete was the best value in having a premium product that would stand the test of time at an affordable installed cost. Speaking of the test of time- Capillary Concrete came with an unmatched ten-year warranty!

After seeing the product installed, I am confident we could easily install the product in-house if we chose to do so. The product support has been fantastic throughout the three phases of our project at Hyperion. We always had a representative on-site to ensure the product was delivered and installed to specifications.

Finally, the payoff has been tremendous. A rain event that once took days to restore now takes just a couple of hours. Our members can now have fantastic bunkers to play out of within hours of a thunderstorm rather than all week. My biggest payoff has been improved course conditions since we now have more time to address other details. Finally, if member satisfaction were quantifiable, I'd say the project has paid for itself several times in just a few years."

-Jim Sedrel, CGCS
Hyperion Field Club
Johnston, IA

Product Specs

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