Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower
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Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower

  • Item #: 85651

Product Description

The Turfco® Torrent™ 2 Debris Blower takes cleanup to a new level of productivity. Whether you're blowing grass clippings, leaves, aeration cores, clearing your cart paths or any other tasks, the Torrent 2 is designed to save you hours in a day. Make sure your operators are working as efficiently as possible with patented MagnaPoint Technology, fast nozzle rotation and patented instant idle down/resume. Rugged and powerful, it's a versatile machine for use year-round.


The powerful, patent-pending Turfco Torrent 2 delivers unprecedented control over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption. It's designed with a focus on making your staff as productive as possible, freeing you up for other tasks. The Torrent 2 features a faster, more precise nozzle rotation that's operated by a handheld controller to dramatically increase operator productivity.

Optional MagnaPoint™ Technology lets you the set the optimal nozzle angle in the shop so your operator is as productive as possible, saving you up to two hours per day. The wireless controller includes a unique idle/resume button, kill switch and the ability to adjust air speed settings. Designed by Turfco, the Torrent 2's turbine generates powerful air volume and superior air velocity. Add the durability you'd expect from Turfco, along with a 2-year warranty, and this blower instantly becomes the workhorse you need.


  • Super fast nozzle rotation speed dramatically increases productivity – no need to slow down to wait for the nozzle at the end of each turn.

  • Instantly access power when you want it, or drop down to idle when you don't. Patented instant Idle Down/Resume button saves on fuel consumption and reduces noise.

  • Wireless controller and optional MagnaPoint™ Technology allows operator to dial in the optimal nozzle angle for unprecedented productivity every time.

  • Operators can quickly shut down the engine with the push of a button on the wireless controller.

  • Closed-off deck dramatically reduces debris pickup, decreasing wear on the turbine.

  • Heavy-duty frame, rugged tongue, and adjustable hitch that easily hooks up to your favorite turf vehicles.

  • Powerful 725 cc KOHLER Command PRO® engine with electric start and standard Donaldson air cleaner.

  • Powerful air volume & superior velocity, and multiple air speed settings that allow for fast adjustments on the fly.

  • Optional Auxiliary Manual Controls keep you operating if handheld controller gets misplaced.


If your operator is even a few degrees off optimal blowing angle, they can waste hours a day. With optional MagnaPoint Technology you can lock-in settings for the most productive angle at every pass. On-board reference lets you select the optimal setting for the debris you are blowing. Slide the magnetic stops to that angle to ensure most efficient operation.


The Turfco Torrent 2 comes equipped with a wireless Smart Controller with unique, patented Idle Down/Resume button that lets you instantly access power when you need it, or drop down to idle when you don't, saving on fuel consumption and reducing noise all at the touch of a button. Operators can quickly shut down the engine with the push of a button.


Super fast nozzle rotation speed dramatically increases productivity – no need to slow down to wait for the nozzle to catch up at the end of each turn. The Torrent 2 is powerful enough to clear just about anything you need to make your course more playable and pristine. Blows aeration cores just as easily as it does grass clippings and leaves. Point the nozzle straight down and clear off cart paths fast and easy.


An optional auxiliary controller is available that ensures you're always operational. If the wireless controller is ever lost or misplaced, simply flip a switch to control machine speed and direction and keep on going.


Model Torrent 2 Debris Blower (#85651)
Width (Outside of tire to outside of tire): 48” (1.22 m)
Height 43.5" (1.10 m)
Length (Hitch to end of chute): 108.8” (2.76 m)
Operator Control Wireless Hand-Held Remote Control for nozzle direction, engine speed and engine stop; Optional Auxiliary Manual Controls for engine speed and nozzle control
Nozzle Rotation Full 360° in both directions
Ground Speed Suggested operating speed: 5 MPH (8 km/h); Maximum non-operation towing speed: 20 MPH (32 km/h)
Engine / Models 725 cc (18.65kW) KOHLER Command PRO® with electric start and 15 AMP charging; Donaldson air cleaner standard
Electrical Requires 12V DC battery; Electrical circuits for Wireless Remote Control and Nozzle Rotation Motor
Tongue and Hitch Adjustable height pin hitch (standard 5/8” pin)
Tongue Weight 35 lbs (15.8 Kg)
Weight 575 lbs (260.8 Kg)
Optional Equipment MagnaPoint Technology (#86504) Auxiliary Manual Controls (#85651)

Product Specs

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