Traqnology SportsTraq GPS Line Marking
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Traqnology SportsTraq GPS Line Marking

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Product Description

Save paint and time!

Sportstraq is the only GPS guided line marking product on the market that combines sub-inch, repeatable precision, iPad user interface, and professional high-pressure, airless paint system. Initial field layouts only have to be completed once and take less than 5 minutes. Users can create as many field designs as they choose with all data backed up on our cloud. Sportstraq users can line fields all day using high paint capacity skids. Line marking professional size soccer fields can be accomplished in under 15 minutes with total paint consumption under 1.5 US gallons. 

Traqnology’s auto steer system drive the UTV with sub-inch accuracy while controlling the paint gun automatically. Simply use the Sportstraq app on the iPad to layout your desired measurements for the selected sport, position the field, and save it for future use. It’s that simple!  Traqnology is not just providing a line marking system; we are offering a game-changing solution that redefines the industry. With our GPS auto steer system, you will experience unparalleled speed, accuracy, and convince. From soccer and football fields to lacrosse or parking lots, our technology is adaptable.

Traqnology offers two configurations of our high-pressure, airless painting system.  Option one features a 25 gallon tank with a 5 gallon bucket for clean-out.  Option two features a system to pull from four 5 gallon buckets of paint.  Both configurations use a 5.5 HP gas engine, airless pump, titan paint gun, and 25 feet of hose for hand painting.

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