Rain Bird MCA (Monitor - Control - Alert)
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Rain Bird MCA (Monitor - Control - Alert)

  • Item #: MCA

Product Description

Communicate with your Golf Pump Stations from Anywhere

No need to run to your pump house when you have Rain Bird MCA. Access all your pump stations through one dashboard. Rain Bird MCA is available on new stations and as a retrofit solution for most existing Rain Bird stations. Quickly monitor and track runtime and applied accumulation to dial in pump efficiency and water usage. Rain Bird panels with MCA are the intelligent solution for those with aged
controls looking to upgrade to the latest golf pump station control.



  • Save time - View pump pressure, flow and speed
  • Improve efficiency - See run-time and station status
  • Gain Insight - Review standard and personalized reports


  • Manual override - Start and stop a pump station
  • Complete oversight - Manage multiple stations from 1 device
  • Make decisions with data - Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports


  • Never be caught off guard - Immediate notification of alarms or faults
  • Assurance of action - Notification of cleared alarms
  • Keep team informed - SMS and/or email alerts to multiple users


Lower electric and water costs

  • Improve water window efficiency

Never lose an irrigation cycle

  • Automate system fault procedure

1, 3, and 5 year contracts available 

  • 1 year subscription included on all installs

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment

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