Rain Bird Field Controllers
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Rain Bird Field Controllers

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Product Description

Unparalleled Compatibility. Unmatched Quality.

Compatible with any Rain Bird® Central Control system, Rain Bird field controllers deliver the trusted performance that golf course professionals rely on to optimize course appearance and playability. From best-in-class satellite-based systems to reliable field decoders, you’ll get a full range of solutions that make irrigation scheduling, adjustment and maintenance easier.

Easy to Use

From pre-coded addressing for easy installation of decoders to the modular configuration for easy expansion on PAR+ES controllers, Rain Bird field controllers are designed for easier installation, programming and expansion.

Proven Performance

Every Rain Bird field controller is built and tested to endure decade after decade. Controllers feature premium surge protection, extensive diagnostics and a best-in-class pedestal enclosure, while decoders are protected with a water-tight enclosure.

Product Specs

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