Doyle Mfg. 8 Ton Pull Type Lime / Fertilizer Combo Spreader
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Doyle Mfg. 8 Ton Pull Type Lime / Fertilizer Combo Spreader

  • Item #: 8GWD1213

Product Description

Standard Features:

  • #304 stainless steel hopper construction
  • Bolt together design, hopper to chassis
  • Tandem 10,000 lb. axle suspension, with 8-bolt hubs
  • 19 L x 16.1 tires on W16CH x 16.1 wheels
  • Utilizes two sets of sprockets for conveyor rates
  • 1” x 1” mesh type heavy duty #304 stainless steel conveyor chain, 20” wide
  • Conveyor driven by press wheel, engaged and disengaged with hydraulic cylinder connected to tractor
  • Metering gate sprockets, metering gate, gate slides, and gate shaft manufactured in #304 stainless steel
  • Hydraulically driven twin “dished” spinners, 24” diameter with 4 blades per spinner, specially designed for extremely accurate broadcasting of spreader
  • Factory assembled & tested

Optional Features:

  • PTO Drive System, w/ 29.5 gallon hydraulic tank
  • Surge brake system, 1 axle
  • Surge brake system, 2 axles
  • Fitted nylon tarp with grommets
  • Roll Tarp
  • Inspection window in hopper front

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment