Doyle Mfg. 6 Ton PTO Ground Wheel Drive Spreader
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Doyle Mfg. 6 Ton PTO Ground Wheel Drive Spreader

  • Item #: 6PTO913

Product Description

Standard Features:

  • 14 ga. 409 stainless steel hopper construction, all metal shot blasted and powder coated
    • OR 14 ga. 304 stainless steel hopper construction
  • 2″ x 6″ mild steel tubing frame, with heavy duty mild steel corner braces
  • Bolt on hopper to frame, allows easy hopper removal from frame
  • Heavy duty adjustable hitch
  • Heavy duty 12,000 lb. tongue jack
  • Tandem 8,000 lb. axles, with 8-bolt hubs
  • 14 L x 16.1 Hi-speed implement rib tires
  • 1″ x 1″ mesh type heavy duty 8″ conveyor chain
  • All metal press wheel with hydraulic engagement
  • 31.5 gallon hydraulic tank with temperature gauge, site glass, and large hydraulic filters, metal shot blasted and powder coated bright blue
  • Hydraulic PTO pump, lines, hoses, and fittings
  • Twin dished type spinners, 20-5/16″ diameter with 4 adjustable stainless steel blades

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment