Dalton Ag Double Cone Tank Nurse Trailer
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Dalton Ag Double Cone Tank Nurse Trailer

  • Item #: DCT

Product Description

This is a new Dalton Double Cone Nurse Trailer that has a 5,000 GL capacity and two Ace 2,500 GL cone bottom poly tanks. It also has a manual hydraulic jack and 280/70R15 Firestone tires. Comes standard with 2” Poly pump with 5 HP Honda Engine; 3” Fill on the rear.

This trailer is ideal for liquid storage and transportation. The two cone bottom tanks allow for easy drainage, while the hydraulic jack makes it easy to move the trailer around as needed. The Firestone tires are durable and provide a smooth ride.

The Dalton Double Cone Nurse Trailer is perfect for those who need to store and transport large amounts of liquid. The high capacity and easy-to-use design make it an excellent choice for any facility or business that frequently handles liquids. If you need to move large volumes of liquid on a regular basis, this is the perfect trailer for you.

Product Specs

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