Doyle Mfg. Portable Tri-Roll Conveyor

Doyle Mfg. Portable Tri-Roll Conveyor

  • Item #: PTC1213

Product Description

Standard Features:

  • 18″ or 24″ wide PVC crescent top conveyor belt
  • Conveyors are available in 1′ increments, starting at 24′
  • Tri-Rollers with stainless steel bases
  • 10 ga #304 stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel weather covers
  • Stainless steel discharge hood. Stainless inlet hopper available in 4 different styles
  • Heavy duty adjustable undercarriage with tires and rims, shot blasted and powder coated
  • Heavy duty worm gear winch
  • TEFC motors
  • Factory assembled & tested

Optional Features:

  • Hydraulic under carriage
  • Wrap Drive for conveyors 40′ and less
  • Hinged deflector, with winch and rope
  • Square down for standard deflector, brings discharge to 11″ square
  • Swivel axles for undercarriage
  • Telescopic downspout, with winch and rope
  • Dust control discharge sock

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment