Precision Tank Stainless Steel Nurse Tanks
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Precision Tank Stainless Steel Nurse Tanks

  • Item #: SSNT

Product Description

Stainless steel nurse tanks are an excellent option for agricultural and chemical applications. Precision Tank leads the way as an innovative supplier of stainless steel tanks for the agricultural and chemical industries.

Precision Tank's agricultural line now includes a full range of stainless steel, fiberglass, and field-erected storage and field-use tanks. Optional equipment is available to customize your tank to meet your specific needs.

Some of the optional equipment that is available for our stainless steel nurse tanks includes:

  • Sump with 2" outlet
  • 48" V sump w/ 2" outlet
  • Tank Baffle
  • 1.5"-2" stainless sparger pipe
  • Mild steel banded skid
  • Mild steel weld-on skid
  • Stainless steel weld-on skid
  • Box Sump with 2" or 3" outlet
  • 36" or 96" or 144" V Sump w/ 3" outlet

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment