Doyle Mfg. 16 Ton Rotary Blender
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Doyle Mfg. 16 Ton Rotary Blender

  • Item #: 16TRB

Product Description

Standard Features

  • Mild steel or stainless-steel blender frames available.
  • Blender frame all metal shot blasted and powder coated
  • P7300 ZF Industries planetary drive gear reducer
  • Heavy duty greaseable trunion wheels
  • Factory assembled & tested

13, 16 Ton Direct Drive Rotary Blender Standard Features

  • 10 Ga. #304 stainless steel tank, flighting and discharge chute, 102” diameter
  • Includes 24″ diameter #304 stainless steel internal mixing auger, pipe and flighting
  • 4″ x 6″ x 1/4″ mild steel tubing blender frame, capped on tube ends
  • Machined caster ring (100% round)
  • Blender side cone inspection door
  • Blender with large mouth to accept 24”, 30” or 36″ transfer conveyor
  • #304 stainless steel head in drum, with stainless steel interfacing gussets
  • Includes discharge chute

The Doyle 13 & 16 Ton Direct Drive Rotary Blender makes quick work of the new larger capacity Tenders and Trailer Tenders being used today. If thirteen or sixteen ton batches are right for you, then this is the blender you need. The 13 & 16 ton blender comes with all the standard features above and uses a 60 HP TEFC motor.

Product Specs

  • Product TypeEquipment